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Adult Piano Lessons – Where to Begin

I’ve heard it a million times…”I wish I had never stopped taking lessons as a child,” and yet…the people who say it never take my advice that it’s never too late. I’m not sure why, maybe they are too busy, maybe they think they’ll look stupid being the only adult sitting in some strangers house taking lessons when the average age is between 6 and 12. Maybe they think their brain has turned to mush and they just won’t be able to do it.

Whatever the reason, I say forget about it! Adult piano lessons don’t have to be a big deal. They don’t even have to take on the persona of what they once were. If you one of those people who has said the above phrase and you still want to learn, you know what I say? Get some online lessons. It’s affordable, it’s easy and most of all it isn’t embarrassing. You can study whenever you want, in secret if you want. Learn for yourself, show off later if you like. It doesn’t matter, the most important part is that you are learning it. And trust me it’s worth it, no matter what the reason is behind wanting to learn.

Learning how to play the piano and/or read music is great for your brain muscles too, and your hands and arms. It’s a way to stay young. Surround yourself with music, get lost in it, learn a new skill and never again say the words “I wish I had never stopped…”

The piano is for everyone and adult piano lessons can be for everyone too. Some of the basic techniques you’ll learn with the online programs is how to properly sit at the piano to get the most out of your fingers. How to read music as well as play by ear, and most of all how to finally learn those songs you’ve always wanted to play. Most people who give it a shot are amazed by how quickly they pick it up. It can be daunting to watch someone who knows what they are doing play those pearly white keys, but sit down yourself and you’ll find that you can do it too.

How good you get is not important, you can get as good as you want simply by playing more often. What is important is that you do it, life is too short not to, so sit down at the keys, and play away!

You can choose any program out there, whatever suits your taste. Free lessons can be found on YouTube, or you can get the free lessons offered by Rocket Piano. Leave me a line and let me know how it goes!

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