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Rocket Piano is the best piano software out there. Why? Because it was extremely well put together with audio and video files that compliment all of the training books that come with it, plus it comes with some pretty awesome bonuses that you get to keep even if you decide that you don’t want to keep it. It costs less than $40 too so you’ll be saving a ton on piano lessons.

It is an instant downloadable program so you can start learning right away, it is perfect for different skill levels from beginner to advanced and if you want you can sign up for free lessons beforehand to give it a test drive. This program works well for homeschool piano lessons as well as for adults who want to squeeze some piano lessons into their busy lives.

Within the Rocket Piano course you are given 7 e-books, numerous audio and video files that go with it and so many bonuses you will think you got the thing for free, and you practically did since it only costs $39.95. I think this piano software is the best way to figure out if you even like to play the piano. So many times parents pay for lessons for children who end up not even liking it.

This software will allow you to discover this in a much less expensive way, and then if you discover that you or your child is definitely interested and you need further instruction beyond the year’s worth of material that you get from Rocket Piano, well then you’ll know that the money you spend for real lessons will be well worth it.

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Music is so important in our lives, and piano music is something that cannot be compared to anything else. If you have ever wanted to learn or if you are looking to get your child interested in taking lessons, I highly recommend trying Rocket Piano. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I know if my parents hadn’t paid for my piano lessons I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Music is everything to me, the piano is everything to me and I think that piano software like Rocket Piano is absolutely perfect for everyone.

It is convenient, cost effective and a lot of fun. The bonuses that come with it help make theory a game instead of a chore, that alone makes this piano software one of the best ones available to date.Best Piano Software

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