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Difficulties Keeping to a Schedule in the Summer

Well I haven’t yet had lesson three with my daughter yet…with all this “free” time on our hands, somehow it is still difficult to stick to our weekly lesson schedule. It doesn’t help that grandparents steal them away at odd times making our schedule less than normal.

But it is important to stick with things or they just won’t happen. So we are committed to making sure next week, Lesson 3 happens and weekly after that. I also will be better about giving her a clear direction of what to practice during the week “on her own” which I will confess usually still involves a lot of “help”, but I assume no more so than most children need from their parents.

So how do you stick to a schedule in the summertime?

Choose the best day that will likely be the least affected with other things, if this is impossible, pick some “alternate” days that you can switch to if need be. That way those days still may feel like “piano lesson” days even if sometimes they are not. Keeping consistent with things is the only way to not let life get in the way and the summer fly by with only a few lessons under your belt.

Speaking from experience, with everything in life, this is the only way to make something work if you want to make progress. Have your child create a chart, they LOVE charts! Pick which days will be lesson days and when the week starts, ALWAYS choose the first day that comes first, then you can be sure you’ll get your lesson in before the summertime monster has a chance to disrupt all of your plans.

Practice charts and lesson charts are also a great way to reward them with stickers, or anything else of your choosing to motivate them even more. Learning is a reward in itself, but they won’t see that yet, they need smaller rewards to motivate…over time they will get excited by their progress and that will be enough, but for now they won’t see the changes.

Next week, I am picking Monday as our lesson day. She hasn’t been practicing much, but that’s as much my fault as it is hers. She is only 7 after all, sometimes they still need a little nudge, even though they are the ones that asked for lessons in the first place.

Until next week!! Happy practicing 🙂

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