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Ear Training – Best Program Around

Interested in ear training? But have absolutely no idea which program to use to get started. Did you know that in addition to the outstanding online piano course Rocket Piano has put together but they also teach you to play by ear?

So many people are discovering this fun and inexpensive way to learn to play the piano, whether it be by reading music or by ear, it doesn’t matter, it covers all of the bases.

Beyond playing by ear, ear training is a must so that you can easily transcribe music (move it from one key to another) and even play the piano better. When you download Rocket Piano you receive a bonus called Perfect Your Pitch Pro. It is awesome! It is a multiple choice listening game that is a very powerful tool in learning to train your ear. And it is free with Rocket Piano! You can get Rocket Piano for less than $40, and this bonus and start your ear training right away. Plus, even if you decide not to keep Rocket Piano, the bonuses are yours to keep, so you can keep Perfect Your Pitch Pro.Online Piano Lessons

Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

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