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Even though there are a lot of teachers out there, it may still be hard to find children piano lessons in your area because you don’t know who to trust. Perhaps you know someone else who is taking lessons and can find a teacher by word of mouth. But if you don’t it can be a daunting task, almost like interviewing them for the job. And it’s an important job, you are trusting them with your child, and you are expecting to them to have the credentials to teach – not all “piano teachers” do.

They can also be expensive so not only do you have to find someone who is trustworthy and qualified, but you have to find someone who is affordable.

Speaking from experience, I tried out many teachers before I settled on the right one. But she was expensive! Worth every penny in my opinion (although they were my parent’s pennies), but up until here I had some BAD teachers, and one questionable one….I won’t go into that.

The bottom line is, having been through the piano teacher route and “trying them on for size”, as a parent now I would actually head down a different path I think. At least in the beginning. Piano software in my opinion are perfect for adults as well as children piano lessons and here’s why:

1. You get to find out if you or your child is even interested, or good at it
2. They are far more affordable
3. Freedom of getting to choose what and when you study
4. Everything at your fingertips that you would get from traditional lessons – and study at your own pace.
5. Save money on lessons and gas because you stay at home
6. If…if you like the piano and need more instruction you have an education under your belt which will make it really easy for you to know what you want/need in a teacher.

I personally recommend Rocket Piano as it is the most comprehensive program I found out there, and it costs less than $40. There is also a money-back guarantee.

So if you are trying to find children piano lessons, before you call all around town and start interviewing teachers (which I believe you should), check Rocket Piano out first and see if it will work for you.

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