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How to Practice Songs You Don’t Really Like

There are always going to be songs that you don’t like, usually for me those are classical or jazz pieces. So how do you practice songs you don’t really like?

If you must practice it, for lessons, or a recital, or simply because it will help you grow as a musician. I say, take it in small doses. Make yourself practice it first during your sessions and then move onto to things you do like. You’ll make progress but end the lesson on a positive note.

Also, have another personal goal in mind. I love YouTube for this. Let’s face it, you’re not going to know the song forever, but it is a pain in your side right now. So…when you’ve done your due diligence, why not record a video of it so that you can always remember what you accomplished? If you are playing a recital make sure it is recorded. If this is just a hoop you have to get through, video it yourself when you’re done.

You will enjoy watching it back years later not only because it is likely something you won’t remember anymore, but also you’ll feel a sense of pride for doing something that was difficult for you. It’s a great reminder and lesson for other things in life.

So cut the song into pieces and work on small sections at a time, put it all together and then record it for posterity and move on to something else. Always, always add songs that you do enjoy because otherwise practicing will become something you hate, and that is the last thing you want to do with the piano. Play what you love, love what you play – and if you have to play something you hate, make the best of it and sugar coat the rest with songs you do enjoy.

Now go practice and let us know how you did, you can even post links to your videos here if you like 😉

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