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How to Teach Your Child IF You Are A Piano Teacher

When I was growing up I constantly heard from people that piano teachers or piano players would still ship their child off to a different piano teacher. I never understood why until I had my own kids. I am a piano teacher, and I am a musician, so it seems like I should be able to save some bucks and teach my own kids right? Well….maybe. But after trying a few lessons I finally realize what those people were talking about.

For some reason we have more patience with other people’s kids. Maybe it’s because we would never yell at another person’s child and as parents we often find ourselves disciplining them for other things so raising our voice or becoming frustrated is second nature. But when teaching piano, regardless of “who” you are teaching, patience is the key and it can be extremely difficult to keep your cool with your own child.

That being said, it can be done. And I intend on proving it. I started lessons with my daughter today, we’ve had some in the past but nothing really structured. Over the summer real lessons will begin, we may even do some everyday because…well we can. I did find it hard to stay calm when she wasn’t listening to me and I had to repeat myself a lot. But I reminded myself it was the same way with my previous students and just took a deep breath and continued.

My daughter has a great ear, she can already play songs just from hearing them, so the task really is teaching her how to read music so she can take her skills even farther.

I plan on doing these lessons with her because it is good for her and for me. However, I am a composer and found in the past that teaching piano often kept me from being creative on my own things. If I find this to be true while teaching my daughter I may go with a program like Rocket Piano, she is great with computers and that way I’d only have to be there to answer some questions a long the way, that I can do. But for now, I am going to give it a try.

So if you want to learn how to teach your child if you are a piano teacher or player, follow along as I go this summer, I will be posting about our progress and how I handle certain situations.

Today, the first situations was simply staying calm with having to repeat myself, I had fun with it and was impressed by how quickly she did pick things up. Overall it was a success and I look forward to the next lesson!

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