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How to Teach Your Child Piano If You Can’t Play

Today’s post is all about how to teach your child piano if you can’t play yourself. For many home-school parents they want to include some sort of arts, but what do you do if you yourself don’t have any talent/ability of your own?

The answer is simple. You will learn right along with them, and it isn’t as hard as you think. Here are some suggestions about how to go about doing this:

1. Get the material you need to learn/teach
2. Pick a time of day for yourself to study, and a time of day when you will have lessons
3. Start learning a few of the lessons a few weeks in advance of beginning their lessons
4. Practice, study and keep yourself and your child on schedule

So the first thing you will need is the material in order to learn/teach. This can be either some beginner books you pick up for the local music store, or you can turn to the internet and download some piano software that goes above any beyond the books (they come with video and audio files, which helps all different learning types.) I personally recommend Rocket Piano, featured on my site as the top piano software out there, but it is entirely up to you.

Once you have the material you need you will want to choose the best time of day for your to study it yourself. Be consistent and either pick a day of the week or a time and study every day, 30 minutes at a time should be enough. If you are only studying once a week I would recommend an hour per week.

After you have a few weeks under your own belt you are ready to beginning teaching your child. If you have any questions along the way please feel free to leave a comment for me here.

You’ll want your child having a “lesson” every week at the same time/same day, but you’ll want them working on their music every day. Practice is key, but make it fun, not a chore.

Your study time does not end here though, as they are going along, you will continue your own studies. If you find something confusing, just let me know and I’ll see if I can help you out. You may even be able to figure out your question with your child, they are very intuitive little beings and sometimes their brains can see something ours can’t.

That’s it! Get some material, start learning on your own, and then start teaching them. You can both learn together as you go, you’ll only need a little preparation time before you too can start teaching them the basics of learning the piano. It is fun, a lot less expensive than regular lessons, you will get to learn too and it is something you can do together. Adding piano lessons into a home-school curriculum can help them with their math skills, reading skills and will widen their horizons in many aspects.

Happy Learning!

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