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Is It Okay to Learn on Keyboard?

One question I am asked a lot is “Is it okay to learn on a keyboard?” There are several reasons why people ask this. One is that they don’t want to invest in a piano if they aren’t sure whether or not they or their child will be serious about the instrument, two, the cost, and three space; keyboards take up a lot less room.

I have one answer. Yes and No. Helpful aren’t I?

Here’s why:

Yes, it is okay to learn on a keyboard, as a starter. I myself began on a Casio. So there is nothing wrong with it. The reason why you will eventually want to upgrade to a real piano has to do with strengthening your fingers. No matter what technology can do, weighted keys just will never ever be the same as a real piano. And if you were to ever play both you would know what I mean.

Finger strength is very important as a piano player and if when you are practicing and learning to play the piano you aren’t building your finger and arm muscles in the process, you are hindering your progress. You want to be able to play on all types of pianos, even a Steinway. And believe me there is a HUGE different between a Casio keyboard and a Steinway. You probably wouldn’t even be able to finish a song on a Steinway if you’ve never built up your strength.

There is one other reason a real piano is better. The sound cannot be beat. The feel of a real piano and the sound can be night and day with that of a keyboard. One you are just playing, the other you are immersed in the feel and sound; it’s indescribable.

One perk of a keyboard, however, is you can use headphones. So if for some reason you need to practice when you can’t be loud, that is a bonus. But if you are serious about the piano, eventually head to the piano store and get yourself a real one.

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