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So, why do you want learn piano software?

Have you taken piano lesson the old boring way? Reading theory books and practicing (and practicing….and practicing)? No wonder you probably quit!

But nowadays there are some pretty cool piano software programs to help you learn and I gotta say, a few of them are really awesome!

Of course there is always more for me to learn, but having started out the “traditional lesson” route, I have found that I excel a lot faster and enjoy myself more with interactive piano lesson software.

How about you?

I personally have been playing for years, and when I started, download piano lessons like this didn’t even exist (boy do I wish it had!) I don’t even like to think about how much money I would have saved, not to mention time!

So why did I even bother getting some piano lesson software?

Because believe it or not, but I didn’t learn everything I needed to with traditional lessons, my knowledge on theory in particular was really lacking.

When I went online looking for some courses I came across this one called Rocket Piano. I have to admit, it is pretty cool 🙂

I’ve already made it through quite a bit of it, there are 218 lessons total and since I already knew a lot I breezed through most of it, but I did learn some new things along the way and I can see how this software would be perfect for even complete beginners. There are a bunch of videos and audio clips too in addition to the eBook.

But I gotta say the best part about Rocket Piano (aside from the fact that it only cost me $39.95 and was an instant download so I had it right away) has been the piano learning software programs. BTW, my previous lessons used to cost me $25 a pop!

Learn Piano Software #1: “Chordinator

This software is awesome! It is actually a piano lesson software game that helps you learn to read notes. And it is free when you buy Rocket Piano.

Learn Piano Software #2: “The Rocket Piano Metronome

This tool helps you gain timing, speed and control of a professional and is a lot of fun to use with the other piano software bonuses.

Learn Piano Software #3: “Jayde Musica Pro

This software, simply put, makes learning to read music fun.

Learn Piano Software #4: “Perfect Your Pitch Pro

This program is designed to help you learn how to play the piano by ear. My old piano teacher used to tell me being able to play music by ear opens the doors for musicians.

With the simple and fun quizzes in this game you can easily train your ear.

What does Rocket Piano include?
* 6 books (beginner, intermediate, advanced, jazz piano, gospel and fingering techniques and exercises)
* 133 sound files
* 57 video lessons
* 3 fun learning games
* Plus 6 bonuses

In my opinion, Rocket Piano is the complete package and offers the best piano lesson software. I’ve seen other stuff out there that costs nearly $200, but none of them came with their own lessons.

If you want a great set of piano lesson books that will allow you to learn from home, (and for less than $40), you can’t go wrong with Rocket Piano.

I hope you have as much fun with the software games as I did!

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