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Lesson 3 – Tips To Teach Piano Lessons

So this week was Lesson 3 of my 7 year old daughters piano lessons. We are half way through summer already, so it is a bit sad that we are only on lesson 3, but as I said in my last post…Difficulties Keeping to a Schedule in The Summer we made a better schedule and kept to it. The lesson took place on Monday, and lasted for a half hour. She did wonderful, and I did well too! The teacher is just as important as the student in a lot of cases, because if the teacher is bad, the student won’t learn and sometimes could even end up hating the instrument.

So why was the lesson such a success? Because of patience. We both had it. I was calm and let her think things through without being short with her. Sometimes you may get the impulse to say “move” and do it for them, or use their ear (if they have one) to teach them the melody without teaching them to read the music. But reading the music is just as important, so instead of jumping to it, give them time to find the answer on their own.

Usually what they need to know, especially in beginner books, is right their in front of them. Guide them to these places so they know they are there, but then after that let them find them again on their own. It gives them confidence when they realize that they did it on their own and also makes it easier for them to have successful practices on their own during the week. Sure, they will still have some questions for you during the week, but if they know they can find the answer themselves they will ask you less.

My daughter also got a clear written out lesson plan of what she is to practice this week, so she can take the initiative and learn the pieces well and play them for me next week. During the week I will take on the “mom” role rather than the piano teacher role.

One last piece of advice is to focus. During my other piano lessons with other students I usually tried to get through many pages and many books so they had a lot of things to work on. Sometimes too many things can be daunting. I’ve personally been juggling a lot and can say from personal experience that too many things can really leave you flustered. Being focused and having less on your plate will get you better results in the long run.

Happy Practicing!!

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