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What Kind of Keyboard Should You Buy?

For practicing at home or if you are wanting a keyboard for gigs you can’t go wrong with a Yamaha. The P120 and P155 especially are high on everyone’s list right now. This would be what I would look at, although…for recording and such I may look into the Yamaha MOX8 Mobile Music Synthesizer. I’ve played on this beauty and not only is it awesome for gigs, it has some great sounds that are perfect for recording songs and adding other instrumentation.

This one of course costs more so it all depends on your budget. The P120 and P155 run anywhere between $350 on up (on ebay), whereas the MOX8 can cost you around $1300.

Yamaha MOX8 88-Key Music Production Synthesizer. Includes DVD tutorial, FP4 pedal.

As a previous post of mine pointed out (Is It Okay to Learn on a Keyboard), a real piano is the way to go for overall learning and strength training of your fingers. But keyboards are great too for many reasons. You can plug in headphones, so as not to disturb others. They come with many different sounds, they are portable and they are less expensive (usually…not always.)

Personally, I like to have options, I have a digital piano currently, that looks like a regular upright piano, as well as a real piano (newly added a couple of years ago), true it may seem strange to others to have more than one piano in your house…which is small by the way, but I’m a musician. I don’t care :P. I love pianos. And on my wish list now is a new digital piano that is newer than my current one and more portable so that I can use it to perform.

Yamaha is a great choice for a keyboard, from personal experience the keys feel great, the sound is awesome and the additional instruments (like violin) sound amazing. Half the time you probably won’t even know what most of the buttons do on your keyboard, but if you take the time to figure it out you’ll be amazed by everything these keyboards can do. Get an 88-key for sure, look at the P120 or P155 or perhaps MOX8 and let me know how it works out for you.