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Piano Lesson Number Two – Mom vs. 7 Year Old

So the second piano lesson with my daughter went very well. It may be unorthodox to stand during a lesson, my teacher always sat nearby, but for this one I decided to stand behind her. I found it worked really well for me, since I tend to have nervous energy when trying to stay calm and not get frustrated. She seemed to like this as well and was much more focused than when I was sitting beside her, I probably make her nervous too 😛

Last time I think we had a lesson for nearly a half hour, this is typical and should work for this age group, but today we had a lot to do so we kept it down to 15 minutes, maybe 20. This time frame worked great for her, she was raring to go play with her brother after and was much more focused for the time we did take.

I concentrated most of the lesson using the Lesson book from Faber and Faber and at the end used the Performance book. I used to like to get through many different books for my students, but I don’t live with them – things can be done a little differently when you can maybe have a couple lessons during the week instead of squeezing everything into one.

So so far so good, mom piano teacher vs. 7 year old daughter, everyone is still enjoying themselves and she is doing great! She has picked up the fingering and timing quickly and is well on her way. She is excellent already at playing by ear, so unlike my student who was dyslexic (that was a challenge let me tell you!) I think she will catch on much faster at reading music. Maybe even next year I can talk her into performing in the school talent show. But I will leave that up to her, I remember how awful it was being forced to perform. It was never my cup of tea and honestly it took a lot of fun out of it for me, too much pressure. Sometimes it is okay just to learn to play, for the sake of being able to play. If you want to perform great, if you don’t – that should be a personal choice.

Until next time…

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