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Piano Lessons Software – A Piano Teacher’s Opinion

Piano lessons software offers its users something completely unique, freedom. Freedom to learn when you want, freedom to learn what you want, and freedom to learn how you want. Having a piano teacher is great, I learned that way and even became a piano teacher. But along the way I discovered something new and it is called Rocket Piano. This amazing software blew me away, it offered people so much at their fingertips with an instant download that I even started to tell people about it. I don’t necessarily want to lose students, I love teaching, but when I realized the potential of this software I just had to spread the news. Why? Because I realized that not everyone can afford lessons, not everyone has the time to go to lessons every week and not everyone is sure enough they want to learn to actually pick up the phone and arrange a lesson with a teacher.

So many people miss out on the opportunity to learn the piano because of these reasons and so many more. Some people might be too intimidated or think they are too old to take lessons. You are never too old to learn the piano and if you have ever wanted to learn you shouldn’t let anything stop you. The price of piano lessons software like Rocket Piano costs less than $40, once! That is basically the cost of 2 traditional lessons but you get an entire package that will help you master techniques, learn brand new skills, learn how to play songs by ear as well as how to read music.

Everything you could learn in traditional lessons is available to you in an instant download. It is really quite remarkable. All you need to have is the desire to learn and the commitment to practice (you need to have those things when you take traditional lessons too 😉 ), you won’t get far otherwise, you can’t get better without practice. But you can have a lot of fun during your practice with this software as many of the boring things like theory are taught in a game format. Who doesn’t like to play games? You won’t even think you are studying, you’ll be having WAY too much fun.

Piano Lessons Software
Don’t take my word for it though, I forgot to mention there is no risk in these downloads as you have 60 days to decide if you like it, or you get a complete refund (I guarantee you a piano teacher isn’t going to refund your money if you decide you didn’t care for the lessons or want to learn piano!)

Check out Rocket Piano right now, it is so cool!

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