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When You Shouldn’t Practice Piano

The answer is never. There is never a time when you shouldn’t practice piano. True, you may hate some songs, you may be in a bad mood, you may not have the time, etc.. etc.., but honestly..pick those apart. You hate the songs…they are hard and challenge you, learn them, they’ll improve your skills overnight. You’re in a bad mood, shocking, but you’ll find that practicing and playing improves your mood. You don’t have the time? Make the time, everyone can make time for something that is important to them.

Throw another excuse at me and I’ll come up with a reason you still should practice.

I hated practice, I’ll admit it, but I’d be better at piano if I had. I’m decent, I love to play and people think I’m great. But I could be better, and so could you. So stop whining about how much you hate to practice and just do it, every single day. Imagine if you did, how much improvement you’d see in a short amount of time.

I’m currently teaching my daughter, our fourth lesson is today. She only practiced once last week. I remember those days, I’m not going to get angry about it. I will remind her, but ultimately you need to want it yourself in order to make good progress at it. I look at her now at how green she is, it seems like such a long way to go to be where I am at, but time flies, and you can either use it to get better and look back and say WOW I have improved, or say, WOW I could be so much better had I only applied myself.

So sit down, apply yourself and watch the magical things that occur. Can’t afford lessons, still no excuse. You can come up with $40, I know you can. One time payment, spend it on Rocket Piano and start practicing. Problem solved.

Drop me a line if you’re having trouble getting motivated.


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